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Taggart Playground

Greetings Near Northwest Communities,

Greetings Near Northwest Communities,

As many of you know, the Riverside Regional Park Master Plan was completed by Community Residents and Stakeholders in 2017 and will guide improvements at Riverside Regional Park for decades. The master plan included developing and restoring the Thomas Taggart Memorial Amphitheatre and creating the Riverside Adventure Park.

Phase 1 improvements at the Adventure Park are underway. They will include 5.6 miles of trails, signage, entry plazas and monuments, custom picnic shelters, comfort stations, a fitness zone, and an adventure playground.  


Many of you have been involved in the development of Riverside Regional Park and provided input on these transformative projects, which is why we are writing with an opportunity to give feedback on the playground improvements at the Taggart Memorial.

V3 is continuing our work with Indy Parks and the community to develop plans for updating the existing playground. The goals of the project include:

  • Replacing the existing playground equipment and making it more inclusive.

  • Replacing the picnic shelter and improving accessibility and connectivity.

  • Creating a unique play destination that complements the beauty of the Taggart Memorial.


We are in the initial information-gathering and analysis phase, which will provide a foundation for concept development. As part of the project, we aim to center the youth voice as experts in play and have been connecting with community youth at various events and venues this month.

Part of this work has included a community survey to collect feedback from youth participants, but we also need you! We invite you to complete the survey sharing your vision for the playground at the Taggart Memorial. The survey results will inform concepts prioritizing the PLAY experience, which aligns with the design and vision goals of the Riverside Park Master Plan. The improvements will provide INCLUSIVE AND DIVERSE PLAY for all ages.


After we have collected community input, concepts will be developed and shared at an Open House coinciding with the Taggart Concert Series in early June 2024. Please check your inbox for details on the final date. Design development will occur through the Fall of 2024, and construction is anticipated to begin in 2025.


Thanks in advance for your input. Please do not hesitate to share the survey link with anyone interested in improving Riverside Park.


We look forward to seeing you on the playground!

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