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About NNW

About NNW

The Near NorthWest "Unity In Motion" is the evolution of the NWQOL Plan and the results it has achieved. This promotional video is to highlight those achievements and the long standing resident advocates & stakeholders that have served in this community for the greater good. We want to discover what's possible when there's "Unity In Motion".

​A quality of life plan is just what it sounds like; a plan for improving the quality of life in your neighborhood. Quality of Life Plans are created by the people and organizations of a specific area (residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations). These stakeholders get together and talk about the community they want to have, how to create it, which will do the work, and how much it will cost and where the resources to do it will come from. All of these ideas are written down and this becomes the Quality of Life Plan for the neighborhood.

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Thriving families, high performing schools, growing businesses, dedicated and informed residents, these are the hallmarks of prospering communities.


Neighborhoods of the Near Northwest


Near Northwest Leadership

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We believe all our neighbors can embrace community,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

To see the Residents & Stakeholders united in motion to bring a collective voice for the moral upliftment, social empowerment and economic sustainability within the Near NorthWest Communities.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To see communities thriving with innovation, economic development and social upliftment.

Our Neighborhood Needs Your Support Today!

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