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So what are Great Places 2020 and King Commons?

Great Places 2020 is a collaborative initiative with both neighborhood-based and implementation partners to create great spaces where people can live, work, and play. With five areas in Marion County being designated a “great place”, each area has developed transformative L.O.V.E goals (Livability, Opportunity, Vitality, and Education) to meet the specific needs of that great place.The Near Northwest is a historic community which has a great place designation called King Commons. King Commons is centered at the intersection of 25th and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Streets. This an extension of the Northwest Quality of Life planning process which focuses on a section of the neighborhood. To learn more about Great Places 2020 and read the King Commons L.O.V.E goals, visit

For more information about King Commons and how to be a part of the Livability Action Team, contact Rhonda L. Bayless, Neighborhood Health Builder,

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