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Love and the Community Spirit conquers all!

Do you get going when the going gets tough? Do you need to find inspiration in the hardest of times? Then ask, Tim and Sharon Clark, from the Aspire House organization about how to overcome challenges when everything seems to be going against you. This couple, who purchased the firehouse on the corner of Udell St. and Radar St., have seen adversity come at them in excess and yet, they have pushed forward in hopes that there dream to build an open public art space becomes a reality.

If taking on the huge financial burden of renovating a historic site wasn’t enough, they have had to jump through hoops and red tape with the city for permits and re-zoning as well as multiple break-ins that keep adding to the financial toll on their personal finances. In spite of it all this, the community stood behind them and got the local news to highlight their situation as well as helping with clean-ups and security measures to ensure their success.

Through all of this, they stood tall, dignified and moved forward to bring light and hope to a much needed corridor of our community. Their passion for bringing programs and outreach to our local youth, pulled them closer to their goals aspirations.

What can you do to help make this dream a reality for not only Aspire House but, for our community? Contact Sharon or Tim Clark at for more information.

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