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The Whitley’s Story


Submitted by: Cissi Sherlock, Resident

For decades WHITLEY’S FURNITURE STORE, located at 1818 W. 16th St. just west of Riverside Drive in an area now known as 16Tech, has been the new and used furniture store and nic-nac go-to place. This Indianapolis icon is now going down in history as it closed its doors in March of 2019.

For over 25 years Wanda and Yancey Whitley have searched for deals to bring back to the loyal customers of this west Indianapolis establishment. Wanda, especially, has spent innumerable hours at auctions, estate sales, and closeouts, the end result being that she was able to find deals, on everything from baby pacifiers, coffeemakers, lamps, vinyl records and 8 tracks, vintage clothing and jewelry, to new and used furniture and books, and much more! Do you get my drift? If you could name it, either Whitley’s carried it or they would find it for you. The community had a “stuff store!” (my pet name for the huge Whitley’s warehouse and second building facing 16th Street)!

One of the best things about visiting Whitley’s has always been COMMUNITY. Everyone knows the Whitley’s and the Whitley’s know everyone. And, if you didn’t know someone, once you visited Whitley’s you would walk out with lots of new friends! You could go into the Whitley’s Furniture Store and not just purchase “stuff” but end up with experiences remembered for a lifetime. With the advent of online shopping, you can be certain there will never be another store like Whitley’s. Their store and their friendships will be missed.

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