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Community Builder's Corner

I sat in my car a few months ago and smiled. I was watching a team of volunteers preparing a load of food to go out into the community. At the same time, I was getting emails from partner organizations on how to start a fundraiser to get tech in the hands of needy school children. Another email, talking about grants for minorities and mental health during this crisis. Finally, a text messages of yet another organization asking how they could get involved.

So, I smiled. I smiled because, a few moments before all that happened, I felt overwhelmed and feeling like none of this could be carried out. I felt ill-equipped to handle so many moving parts. None of this was anything I, nor anyone could have prepared for. It felt like everyone was about to drown in a whirlpool of confusion. But, people will surprise you!

What I didn’t know, someone else knew a little bit of. Then, that someone else would get someone else; and they would add a little more. And then...someone else would jump in. Pretty soon, you had something in place that you never thought possible and the sinking, drowning feeling just washed away. None of us knew what to do when this Pandemic started but, we knew our lanes.

When you add selflessness, humility and courage, you can take a challenge to its own limits. Personally, I had front row seats to some scary moments in our present time; all the while seeing Heroes arise. Heroes... I don’t use that word lightly, because it isn’t defined by your present or former title. It isn’t even how much you contribute. It’s about what you are personally willing to sacrifice for the good of another. Not just your body, but also your pride, your resources, your biases, your ego, your time, your limits, etc. During this time of crisis, I was surrounded by Super Heroes and Heroines. They didn’t have capes, but they had masks, gloves and sweat! spite of everything they had smiles. So I smiled back.

Ron Rice,

NNW Community Builder

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