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  • Evelyn Blunt

What did you do today to make yourself uncomfortable?

Yeah...that's a weird title, huh? Why would wanting to be uncomfortable make any sense? I'm happy where I am, right?

Or am I?

It has not been easy for anyone and the strain of last 5 months has taken a toll on our physical, mental and emotional well being. However, for some of us...this wasn't new, was it?

In the past issues of the NNW Exchange, I have attempted to share the gift of self improvement through conversations about self care. But talking and doing are two different things. As of this day, I am personally a diabetic, a hypertensive, recovering from knee surgery, overweight, and suffering headaches because of all the above on a daily basis. I have dealt with this for years and have denied that I could be a victim because of my own ego and pride. I have personally chosen to compensate with this by overworking myself, put everyone else before me and carrying my stress home. And then all the other stresses from this year have taken an even greater toll on me.

Sound familiar?

I recently tried to pick up a basketball a few days ago to "hang" with the young cats and got my butt handed to me. Not by me! Lack of coordination, endurance, balance, muscular strength, and confidence led me to literally falling to the ground in all out " forward roll of fame"!

That experience burned me up because I had gotten too comfortable. So I need to be uncomfortable. I need to walk away from

the norm, the security of "routine for me" and do something that will break this lifestyle.

Starting Aug. 10, I want to put myself out there and make myself accountable by beginning a new personal training effort and with you as my accountability partner. I have presented, Chrystal Renee Williams, in past publications as our NNW personal trainer and she will be putting me through the ringer 6 days a week at 5:30 in the morning at each of our 6 parks within the NNW. I am also calling on a recent Food Champions winner, Jasmine Perry of 1610 eats to combine her practical recipes with the knowledge from our DipIn team to help me with better food choices because of my diabetes. We are gonna go for 90 days and I will share my pain, success, progress and work with you all so come join us on social media by liking the Near Northwest page on Facebook and Instagram and also subscribe to the NNW Exchange for our monthly e-newsletter.

It's gonna be hard and It's gonna hurt. But, I desire to help you by first helping myself. Who knows how my story could make a difference.

Staying comfortable hasn't been good for me. I know that it hasn't been for a lot of you as well so, what's wrong with being a little uncomfortable for a while?

Ron Rice

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