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The Near Northwest Faith Partners (NNFP)

The Near Northwest Faith Partners(NNFP) was founded in November of 2019 as an attempt to bring together all the faith leaders inside the Near Northwest area. Initially led by a few pastors, IU Health faith leaders and community leaders, the group began their initiatives addressing lead poisoning and have kept this campaign among other health issues that have been concerns for our community.

Because of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the NNFP have rallied the troops to begin a network of churches providing and delivering food to those most in need. Partnering with 2nd helpings and Flanner House, the NNFP have made a schedule of days where anyone in the neighborhood can get a hot meal or a grab-to-go meal as well as providing grocery assistance.

Their schedule is as follows:

Tuesdays: 11:30-4pm Christ Temple Apostolic Faith 430 W. Fall Creek N Dr.

Wednesdays: 11:30-4pm True Tried Baptist Church 506 W. 26th St

Thursdays: 11:30-4pm First Baptist(Bradley Center) 877 Udell St

Fridays: 11:30-4pm True Tried Baptist Church506 W. 26th St

Saturday and Sunday: 11:30-4pm Greater Zion Fellowship Community Center Inc 2440 N. Harding St

Please contact the NNFP president, Pastor Tyreese Bowman at or ar 317-998-0789, for more details

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