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  • Evelyn Blunt

The Near Northwest Faith Partners, In Action... IPS and IndyGo!

One of the largest Covid-19 collaborations to take place in the Near Northwest, made the front page in the IndyStar back in May.

The Near Northwest Faith Partners(NNWFP) led by president Pastor Tyreese Bowman, asked about how they could be of assistance for the community and was led to the work of Nigel Long and the Global Prep/Ignite Academy school staff.

After gathering information and sharing ideas, President Bowman got a handful of churches within the (NNWFP) Network to serve hot meals with the church’s caterers. True Tried Baptist Church, First Baptist Church, Christ Temple and Greater Zion Fellowship Community Church all participated in serving meals each day of the week at their locations. Along with “To-Go-Meals” from Second Helpings and dry goods from Gleaners Food Bank, Pastor Bowman, Mr. Long, school Social Workers, Flanner House and Volunteers worked TIRELESSLY to deliver food to over 1,000 families every single week!

Outgrowing their temporary headquarters at Cleo’s Bodega, they moved the operation to the Bradley Center continuing their campaign. The partnership with IndyGo buses grew into a fellowship of love as both rider and bus drivers became passionately involved in helping people in need.

Watching all these parts move in synchronicity, I was filled with joy at seeing diverse members of our community working together; which is what the NNW is all about...Unity In Motion baby!!! Neighbors helping neighbors in need.

Thank you all for stepping up so much!

The Near Northwest Editorial Commentary

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