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Taggart Memorial Update

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

As many of you may know, part of the Riverside Park Master Plan included a complete renovation of the Taggart Memorial.

In addition to the renovation, there will also be a performance stage added to the historic site. If you haven't been by the park recently, construction is well underway and the anticipation of what we all can do at this venue is steadily growing. Plays, musicals, concerts, movies, open mics, school productions, church events and many other possibilities await only our grandest aspirations and creative ideas.

The projected completion time remains the summer of 2020 but, as with many large projects, things may get pushed back a few months because of incidentals. However, as the pictures show, progress is underway to make sure our community's goals are still moving forward.

If you get a chance, come down and take a look for yourself. Take a few pictures and share them with your friends and families. While you are there, come on in to the rec center and see what else is happening and how you too can get involved. This is our park and we are blessed to be good stewards of it!

Ron Rice

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