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“Suites that Service the Soul” By Robin Staten, CEO/Founder

Hello, I'm Robin Staten, and as a Creative and Innovator in hospitality, I design spaces for the type of rest and recreation that restores us as individuals and as a community.

Tiny Urban Escapes is a collection of standalone semi-glass boutique hotel-inspired suites and studios. They are created from upcycled shipping containers, promoting sustainability, urban health, and wellness.

The Tiny Urban Escapes concept is derived from and pays homage to, the place that I call home. It is my safe space, where I lived, laughed, learned, and loved, was respected and cared for. It is my fortress and it’s located in the Near Northwest side Community on 28th and Harding.

There is a beautifully chaotic undertone that looms within the streets of our neighborhood. The area has its needed share of reactive therapies such as Re-entry programs, Substance Abuse Treatment homes, and Violence Interruption and Anger Management programs.

What’s missing is the visibility of, and access to, proactive health and wellness amenities. in other areas of Indy, are crowned the new luxury status symbol, meant to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of the individuals within those communities.

What’s visible in our community is that wellness has a diversity issue and the disparity has grown even wider. Tiny Urban Escapes as a hospitality entity is committed to changing the narrative surrounding the undervaluation of majority-black neighborhoods' benefit of, and access to, intentionally designed, strategically placed holistic self-care amenities such as retreat, yoga, and meditation spaces.

Through partnership and collaboration, our goal is to invest in the culture, leading the way for inclusivity in quality of life-enhancing spaces.

Visit my website today and see for yourself the “Suites that Service the Soul.”


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