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Senior Happenings: Home Away From Home...

I am Brittany Owens, the president of BB’s Home Away from Home Adult Day Center in Indianapolis, IN. At BB’s Home Away From Home Adult Day Center, we seek to help the aging seniors in the community by creating a safe space to socialize, receive aided support with daily activities such as physical exercise, personal care, and receive nutritious meals.

This center is free to seniors age 55 and above. In addition to my day center, I have a home care agency, BB’s Heaven on Earth Homecare Services LLC.

I began my home care agency in 2019 as a memorial to my grandparents, who raised me. Both of my grandparents were fortunate not to have to go to a nursing home, and my home care agency helps others to be able to live out their lives in the comfort of their own homes.

I have created BB’s Home Away From Home Adult Day Center to give seniors a safe environment to socialize and receive physical and mental support to remain healthy and active.

My grandfather Ben Dulin enjoyed going to McDonald’s with his friends to socialize and have breakfast. I now understand the importance for him to maintain these social interactions. It prompted so much independence and brought him so much joy. My grandmother Beverly Owens enjoyed going out into the community to fellowship daily and shop at Walmart. I always wondered how she could spend so many hours in a store, but she loved the interactions with others so much.

My recent purchase of the old City View Christian Center at 1090 W. 23rd St. in the Riverside community. Means so much to me because it was once a church. Now it’s the new home of my adult day center. Ironically, this underserved community is where my grandparents grew up.

Our nonprofit organization is geared towards giving seniors a place to come without worrying about the cost. It will be completely free to those who qualify, and we will also provide transportation to and from the center and provide transportation for outings and FREE.

We want to thank you for welcoming us to the neighborhood, and we welcome YOU to come to see us!

Please email us at or call me at 317-908-6669. Come learn how we can help you or someone you love have a happier, healthier life!

Submitted By: Brittany Owens, President

BB Adult Home Away From Home Day Center

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