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  • Evelyn Blunt

Riverside’s New Rock Dam

On a crisp Spring Monday morning, Citizens Energy Group, City of Indianapolis - Government Mayor Joe Hogsett, and Riverside Civic League gathered local partners and community members to unveil the Rock Ramp officially.

When the 100-year-old Emerichsville Dam was breached in two018, a new, safer idea was proposed to ensure CEG could intake our drinking water resources while recreating a recreation area at Lake Indy and providing safe passage for fish and other aquatic life. Community voices were clear about their hopes for this project and the new asset delivered. While we heard a woodpecker, we saw a Great Blue Heron, and several fishermen were getting an early start.

If you haven’t had the opportunity, drive down White River Parkway behind the Riverside Rec Center and park at the boat launch area; please do. It’s a short walk south of the parking lot, so prepare to be amazed at the beauty, silence, and majesty of this new addition to our park!

FACT: 60% of the drinking water from Indy’s faucets comes from the White River. Let’s keep these waterways clean and enjoy these beautiful areas along our waterways!

-by ROW and the NNW

Submitted by: The Editor

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