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Riverside Making History… Again!

Riverside Making History… Again! The Nation’s 3rd largest regional park is making history through the collaborative efforts of a community master plan to repurpose and revitalize their neighborhood park and promenade.

In 2017, residents, stakeholders, and the city began to reimagine what the 3rd largest regional park in the country could evolve into.  Riverside Regional Park created a new master plan with a 20-year goal to find funding opportunities to make each part of the plan a reality. 

Starting with the Taggart Memorial Amphitheatre, the plan quickly left the starting gates as the first of the ideas imagined to become a reality.  But next, during that time, the strategies of designing an entire mile-and-a-half Promenade pathway were quietly cooking in the creation oven, led by our own Riverside Resident, Phyllis Hackett. 

This new trail, honoring the people and cultures that have lived in the area, has now been blessed to have its own ribbon cutting and is available to the public.  Whether you are looking to walk, run, or bike for your health, a beautiful stroll down "memory" lane, a romantic evening with your loved one, or an opportunity to educate yourself and others about the history of Riverside, you have yet one more beautiful way of making one of those choices a reality.

However, just a month after the opening of the Promenade, we also broke ground on the construction of the new Riverside Adventure Park!!  Two hundred twenty-two acres from the old Riverside Golf Course are being transformed into a multifunctional, interactive park for all ages! 

Based on community input, the first phase of the work will be to create trail facilities, a nature playground, picnic shelters (seating 150 each!), new signage, a re-aligned entry drive and parking facility, and a pedestrian bridge at Crooked Creek, all scheduled for completed by the fall/winter of 2024!

We are more than proud of what's happened and is happening at our park, and we want to make sure we keep you all in the loop, so come out to the park and talk to the staff or go to for more information about the entire plan. Your history is being made; it's your park!!!

By Ron Rice, NNW Community Builder

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