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  • Evelyn Blunt

Riverside Adventure Park

Over the past year, Indy Parks has been developing the concept for an adventure park at the former Riverside Golf Course. The site’s varied natural conditions provide opportunities for a wide variety of activities across its 200 acres. The northern portion features wetlands and riparian landscapes, while the western side of the park is on high ground with great views and access to the neighborhoods to the west.

The central and southeastern portions of the park are within the lower floodplain and closest to the White River and the section of Riverside Park south of 30th Street. As the Riverside Adventure Park concept developed, five zones emerged informed by the natural conditions and organized by the proposed improvements in each zone. This article is the first in a five-part series introducing each zone developed with community stakeholders and an engaged steering committee.

The River Zone is named for its proximity to the White River and its access at the 30th Street bridge stairs. It is the connection of Riverside Adventure Park to Riverside Park Proper, south of 30th Street, and the Promenade trail and an entry overlook welcomes trail users and overlooks the vast floodplain landscape. A River Pavilion anchors this zone providing restrooms, a picnic area and an outdoor stage that plays to an event lawn. This zone has expanded parking and a large outdoor event space for a variety of gatherings and festivals. This reestablishes the site’s historic role as a prominent place for gathering and river access.

Submitted by Sarah Evans

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