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  • Evelyn Blunt

Rebuilding Together Indy

I am so grateful for ALL the work that Rebuilding Together Indy has done this spring to help our seniors. In April, the union contractors came out to replace furnaces, fix stairwells, gas lines, electrical lines, windows, doors, replace carpet, replace furniture, fix bathrooms, replace ceiling fans and on and on!

Two weeks later was part two where volunteers came out to landscape, do minor exterior repairs, paint, de-weed, plant flowers, mow lawns, mulch and seeding and more, on and on!!! Even at the threat of rain, they split up and went out to two of our Parks and picked up debris, de-weeded, manicured and mulched.

This is now year two for giving back to our seniors in the community. Those who were in threat of code violations or just couldn't afford to fix things themselves.

My first overwhelming thank you goes out to Ali Brown and the Rebuild board and team!!! Your commitment to the work is unmatched!!!

To all the union contractors...THANK YOU!!! You saved 10's of thousands of dollars for our seniors by donating your time and skills.

To IU Health, Neighborlink, Citizens Energy Group, Jack and Jill, Vop Osili, Tish Lee from Eskenazi Blackburn and all our other close partners...THANK YOU!!!

To every single volunteers who gave up their time on these two heart is overjoyed by your giving!(Muhammad and Maunah!!!)

To Brandon Cosby of Flanner House for making this collaboration even possible, THANK YOU bro!

To all the residents and neighbors who signed up for the work and came out to support, THANK YOU for allowing us into your home and trusting us to do the right thing by you!

And finally, to Groundworks Indy...lending us Ian Oehler to create and execute the landscaping knowledge was irreplaceable!!! are an asset to the Groundwork community and to this community!!!

We will be back next year for our final round of houses before they take off to another neighborhood for 2024 but, we have already started the work getting a local contractor sponsorship to make this a sustainable concept. This WILL keep going year after year so if you have skills and gifts that can contribute to this kind of work, please contact me so that we can talk. We need you!!

Ronald Rice, NNW Community Builder/DipIn Community Health Worker

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