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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month

The American Diabetes Association’s campaign for 2020 is titled We Stand Greater Than Diabetes.

Equity > Prejudice

No matter one's race, income, zip code, age, education, or gender, good health, and health care are human rights. This American Diabetes Month, know your rights and share our Bill of Rights with your loved ones.

Speaking > Silence

If not now, then when? If not you, then who? There's no better time than American Diabetes Month to reach out to your representatives and make your voice heard. Join the community in advocating for expanded testing, zero-dollar co-pay caps, and continuous health care coverage.

Thriving > Surviving

Making healthy choices and taking steps to manage your diabetes can ensure you don't just live but thrive with diabetes. But it's important to take steps now-your health can't wait. It's time to thrive by finding a balance of nutrition, physical activity and mental health management.

Go to for more information about how to make your voice heard and for important health tips. Contact Rashida with the DIP-IN program to find out what is happening in this neighborhood to help manage and prevent diabetes.

By Rashida Bonds

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