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NNW Welcomes Veteran Service Officer

Submitted by: Lane Felicia Hatcher

Lane Hatcher, a Gulf War U.S. Navy Veteran. Despite her service, upon returning home to Birmingham, AL, she was informed that she was not eligible for Veteran benefits. Undeterred, Lane embarked on a journey marked by resilience and service.

Her post-discharge career path was diverse, encompassing roles that inadvertently prepared her for her eventual calling as a Veteran Services Officer for the City of Indianapolis. Lane honed her

empathy, communication, and advocacy skills from her tenure as a Mental Health Worker for J.B.S. Mental Health Authority in Birmingham to over two decades of hospitality and relationship-building experience as a Hotel Sales Manager and Assistant Manager.

In 2014, Lane embarked on a new chapter by enrolling at Ivy Tech Community College after relocating to Indianapolis, IN. There, she pursued her passion for visual communication and earned an Associate of Science Degree. Lane's dedication to her fellow veterans is deeply ingrained in her ethos. Former President Obama stated, "It's about how we treat our veterans every day of the year." Lane embodies this sentiment, driven by a personal commitment to ensure veterans receive the care and benefits they deserve upon returning home.

With a fire in her belly and a steadfast resolve, Lane Hatcher continues to serve her Community and advocate for the rights and well-being of her fellow veterans.

Lane Felicia Hatcher

US Navy Veteran

Veteran Service Officer

Office of Mayor Joe Hogsett- City of Indianapolis

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