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NNW Committee Spotlight: Peace & Safety

I want to introduce myself as Sharell Rivers, M.B.A., Outreach Worker with Indy Peace Fellowship and volunteer Co-chair of the Peace & Safety Committee for the Near Northwest. I actively serve my community by connecting people's awareness to resources, supporting and advocating for gun violence reduction within Indianapolis, and volunteering with local community partners.

This 2024 year, I will work diligently alongside Resident Co-chair Carolyn Watts, a vigilant resident of the Planners Neighborhood. Carolyn Watts has a long-term career background in social services. She enjoys aiding in community care and improving the lives of her neighbors.

We are looking forward to hearing the concerns of the community in our monthly meetings to be held tentatively each first Monday of the month at the Ujamaa bookstore located at 2424 M.L.K. J.R. St., March 4, 2024, from 6 pm-7:30 pm. 

With the help of our community partners and neighbors' engagement, we can work on ideas to help increase the safety, awareness, and value of the unique and thriving communities that comprise the Near Northwest. We look forward to your participation and support! 


Sharell Rivers, M.B.A., Outreach Worker

Indy Peace Fellowship

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