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Morningstar Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

By: Katiera Winfrey, WISHTV

Posted: Sep 15, 2023 / 05:57 pm EST / Updated: Sep 15, 2023 / 06:00 pm EST


Mental health support is expanding on the near northwest side.

Flanner House, a nonprofit organization, held the grand opening for its new Morningstar Afrocentric Wellness Center. Representatives say cultural competency and trauma-informed care will guide the work.

"To finally get to this day is pretty exciting," said Brandon Cosby, executive director of Flanner House.

A crowd of community servants and stakeholders joined for the grand opening. It's another arm of the 125-year-old agency.

"We've been conditioned to think we have to solve our problems on our own," said Cosby.

"We've been made to believe that if we're struggling with things, it's a sign of weakness."

Cosby is the visionary behind the idea. With support, he helped breathe life into this new mental health facility, and he has been able to bring direct access to a community often used to limited access.

"It's great because we have a lot of people that go through a lot of stuff," said David Reed, a supporter for the Morningstar Afrocentric Wellness Center.

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