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  • Evelyn Blunt

"Make Intention Your Best Gift!"

~Community Builder's Corner~

As we walk into this Holiday season amid this Covid-19 era, I am reminded that no matter what we are going through, no matter what obstacles lie before us, we can still make someone's life, a neighbor’s perhaps, that much better by just a simple phone call. Or by sending a card to someone that you know doesn't receive a lot of visitors or has close family.

The fact of the matter is...we ALL are under a lot of stress. So much so, that the majority of us cannot identify we are affected nor admit it at all. Holidays can be a trying time for folk and with Covid and all the problems associated with it still in the conversation, we are even more susceptible to hurt, disappointment, worry and dismay.

Which is why this is a call for us to be more aware and empathetic to our friends and family in need. I personally just found out, after checking on the seniors on my street, that one of my neighbors had all the power in her house knocked out due to some faulty wiring in her furnace. She didn’t know anyone would help her and wasn't sure if anyone would care to even listen.

However, just sitting down and listening to her frustrations with this apparent recurring problem, led to a connection with another NNW resident who happens to be an electrician, willing and able to fix her problem at a very low cost. Sometimes, just a “hello" can lead to an opportunity to be of help to someone in need; thereby, helping with the stress that has been laid upon us this year.

This Holiday, I am wishing you all the very best, and I am here for you if you just want to talk or get things off your chest. There are many good-hearted people in this community and always have been. I encourage you, if you are able, to be a gift that someone may need today. It doesn't require money. It requires intention. So make it your intention to be a gift to those who may need you!

Happy Holidays

Ron, Community Builder

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