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Attn: Block Captains & Crime Watch Captains

The NWQOL Community Safety & Peace Building Committee comprised of both residents and stakeholders that would reduce crime and create a stronger and safer community, and comes with long term sustainability at no cost to anyone!

The Community Safety & Peace Building Committee invites you to join us to learn more about this resident driven plan and how you can get involved. Additionally, the committee seeks to engage resident leaders such as KIB Block Captains and Crime Watch Captains who have already recognized their ability to be a part of the solution through volunteering their time. Not only do we want to honor those individuals, but rather to empower them through free CPR training, Personal Safety Training & Community Safety Training, all free and open to the public. If you or someone you know would like to participate, please call 317.925.4231 Ext. 245 or email to hold a seat. Space is limited and preference is given to BLOCK CAPTAINS, CRIME WATCH CAPTAINS and RESIDENTS of the Near Northwest community.

  • May 21 – FREE Personal Safety Training, 6:00 at Flanner House

  • June 18 – FREE Community Safety workshop, 6:00 PM at Flanner House

  • July 18 – NNW Summer Social

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