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Lake City Bank @ 16 Tech AMP

Lake City Bank just opened a new branch in 16Tech!

I spend quite a bit of time now eating and networking down at the AMP at 16 Tech and I was quite pleased to see that they have now opened a new branch inside the food court next to Healthy Soul!

First of all, if you haven’t eaten at Healthy Soul…I don’t know what’s wrong with you because, my God…their food!

Gloria Crawford

Anyways…Lake City bank just opened recently, and it is a fully functioning center for all your banking needs.

I opened an account myself because I am always there and it is probably the nearest live banking center in the area in addition to their ITM machine located in the Flanner House parking lot (which only charges $1 to retrieve your money if you aren’t a Lake City Bank member!) It also has a live teller (via video screen) and can also service all your banking needs.

This was a collaboration between Flanner House and Lake City Bank to get banking back in our community especially after the exit of the Chase bank. I have pictured here, Gloria Crawford, Vice President of Community Reinvestment and she has truly been honoring Lake City Bank’s commitment to invest in the NNW community.

We shouldn’t have to travel further and further away or pay extra just to retrieve our own money from ATM’s that aren’t even owned by a bank! So now, you can get your food and know that you can handle your financial business right around the corner from you!

Ron Rice

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