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  • Evelyn Blunt

Kuts for Kids (The Holidays In Retrospect)

Submitted By: Phyllis Tate, Riverside Civic League

During the holiday season last year one evening, while reading the Riverside Civic League’s Facebook Page, I came across a Live broadcast of a young man cutting hair. He was so in tune with his customers, that I sent a heartfelt message of admiration.

Eventually, I in-boxed him out of curiosity, he responded. I simply told him that our community could use a kid-friendly barber like himself. That self-confidence, I thought, is a great gift to give and that’s what kids get from being around mentors, even if only for a short time.”

He quickly responded and asked if I could bring them to the shop? My response was, “We cannot afford you!” He responded,”No problem. I’ll come to you and do it for FREE!!!” My mind started to race, and before I knew it, I had texted Tyrone Chandler, one of the Pillars of the neighborhood. Immediately asked him to gather as many young men as possible for a golden opportunity. I explained the entire plan, and he was in. My second call was to Yolanda Echols, Manager at the Riverside Recreation Center. Yolanda is always supportive of Riverside Civic League events. She immediately said yes and she also said they had space for

the kids.

I felt excited because then, was starting to feel like Christmas. I placed one last call, to Wildstyle Paschall, our very own artist photographer, because we needed some professional pictures to make the kids feel extra special at this event and to capture "give-back" in action! He didn’t hesitate at all. I was absolutely overwhelmed with the love from everyone who gave their time and skills, to this endeavor.

Lookout for many more Neighborhood Friendly Projects that will enhance our Near

Northwest “Unity In Motion” partnerships, and encourage our hearts in giving back!

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