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Inferno Step with Crys

My name is Crystal Williams, and I am the instructor behind Inferno Step with Crys. In this class, we will be working up a sweat doing aerobic steps to both old school and new school hip hop. Both male and female participants must be 18+ to participate, but that is the only restriction.

This program is near and dear to me for many reasons, one of them being where the classes are being held. Watkins Gym was a major part of my childhood and I spent many days playing in both the gym and the park while attending Flanner House. Another reason this program is near and dear to me is because we are able to bring something positive to this neighborhood and something that will make others reconsider some of their lifestyle choices.

I can think of family, friends, and strangers who have been diagnosed with things such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, etc. I am here to remind the people of this community that health is wealth, and there is still time to turn their health around for the better. We’re in this fight together!

Submitted by : Crystal Williams

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