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Indy Shakes Now! By: Diane Timmerman

The Indianapolis Shakespeare Company (also known as Indy Shakes) moved to the Near Northwest last year with our production of HAMLET in Riverside Park.

We were thrilled that so many neighbors joined us for the production and for our pre-show festivities which included local bands and our popular “Community Spotlight” where local organizations shared information about their work in the Near Northwest. FREE production of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM to the Taggart Memorial Amphitheater.

Indy Shakes Now! We created an artistic response in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement: PAST WORDS PRESENT TIMES which is available for free online right now through July 18th. This 20-minute performance features Indy Shakes actors performing monologues that reflect how they feel right now as Black Americans and as allies to people of color. Click on the link to visit our website: Some featured artists are Milicent Wright, Daniel Martin, and Kelsey Johnson.

Later this summer, we will release a short online version of MIDSUMMER again for free.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, July 18th for the Rader Street Cleanup! We are looking forward to partnering with the people and businesses of the Near Northwest. If you have ideas for partnerships, please drop me an email anytime!


We are encouraging viewers of PAST WORDS PRESENT TIMES to donate to three local nonprofits: Aspire House, Ignite Academy, and Flanner House. Additionally, we are urging folks to purchase food and drinks at Cleo’s Bodega, Guggman Haus Brewery, and Tinker Coffee.

Diane Timmerman, is the Executive Artistic Director, Indy Shakes

Co-Chair, Arts Parks & Public Spaces Committee of the NNW

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