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Holiday Health Tips!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Time To Get Into Gear!

By The Editor

The holidays are upon us, right? This means that the calories are not far away either, and NOW, not tomorrow is the time to beat those calories to the punch by stepping up your game and coming down to Flanner House for Hip Hop Step Aerobics with Crystal Williams.

Community Builder, Ron Rice is an active participant and says... “Now, I would not tell you to come and not come here myself. Yes, I also have no rhythm. I also have no endurance. I also had excuses. However, this class is FUN!! And it works! And it is in our neighborhood! Our participants are seeing an average weight loss of 6-8lbs a month. Those of us who feared the dancing; have lost that and grooving with our heads held high! Well, held high until after Crystal slams you with squat after squat, and then all you wanna do is just... sit. Sit, forever! Lol!”

Crystal's focus is not solely to have a class; but, to get participants to become aware of their health by providing journals and progress forms so that you can truly track your weaknesses and strengths. She also has been working with the Diabetes Impact Project(DIPIN) to help our area make a positive difference in diabetes awareness and prevention through physical fitness fun.

Come down and join us. We know the excuses, but equally, we know, the pay-off. So we know what you are going through and what can happen. It is up to you to decide when enough is enough and take control of your health. This class started with just three people three months ago and now is up to as much as 24. Something is going right, wouldn't you agree?

Classes are M, W, and F at 6:45 pm, and Sat at 11:15 am plus, they are free to the public.

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