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  • Evelyn Blunt

Food Access Team Heroics!!!

What can I say about this team except, “are you surprised?” The NNW Food Access committee led by Committee Co-chairs, Sibeko Jywanza and Aaron Wilder.

This dynamic duo sprang into action from the very first day of this pandemic by first providing a headquarters for our teams to begin distributing food by way of Cleo’s Bodega and grill. Sibeko constantly trying to find more efficient avenues to get food to those who needed it most. As he did that, Aaron threw himself in to “super volunteer” mode and made himself available every time Flanner House or the Near Northwest Faith Partners/IPS needed help with deliveries and also loading and unloading food boxes from the buses. It is one thing to have the food necessary to feed those in need. It’s another to be able to have a place, a helping hand and direction to be able to execute that kind of a campaign.

With our action committee providing the muscle, location and consultation, we never had to worry about not having what we needed to make things happen.

From March until now, they have worked alongside us in that capacity but, just a month ago, Sibeko and his father, Kamau Jiwanza, catapulted our efforts by providing loads and loads of fresh produce to add with our non-perishable food for an overall healthier product to give out to the community. It was and still is such a welcome addition for the need to keep our

community healthy and active. Thank you for your efforts and your devotion to our community.

NNW Editorial Commentary

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