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Focused Transitions By: William Balance

I see the poverty and the many ills on the streets, I'm challenged by this dilemma and the desire to help my community. So, I proposed to cultivate partnerships to work directly with organizations committed to improving the lives of others.

My focused desire, to create an avenue that can assist individuals to transition from situations of despair to temporary housing. Shelter is a basic necessity for survival. “Shelter insecurity” places an individual in the paths of more peril. With partnerships with organizations like Flanner House, we create a foundation and access to housing for people who may not have such opportunity otherwise.

The individuals which I wish to help serve are those suffering with “transitioning.” According to Webster’s dictionary, transitioning means “to change from one form, state, style, or place to another.” Many individuals in our community need help transitioning from one state or place in their lives to another.

As a multi-property real estate investor, I am able to provide the essentials to shelter any individual requiring help as s/he transitions. This may even include providing limited emergency shelter as needed.

Case management through organizational partnerships will advance the goal of “stress-relief” as it pertains to physical shelter. My goal is aimed at self-determination and eventual self-sufficiency. Transitional housing is just a stepping stone in the process leading to the transition from the streets into permanent housing options. I am committed to seeing this change in our community.

William Aundre Ballance

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