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  • Evelyn Blunt

Flanner House Job Fair

By The Editor

The Flanner House Job Fair is back!

After a long, long... long, Covid-19 lockdown, things seem to be returning to normal. Well, a new normal. But it's great to see that some things that were put on hold are now back, and after a year-long hiatus, the Flanner House Job Fair is finally back!

Flanner House has a long history of contributing to the economic well-being of the residents in its area, and their monthly job fair is a big part of that effort. Every third Thursday, we will have employers and schools available and looking to hire you with help for your resumes and applications.

The first official job fair will be in the Pioneer Room at Flanner House on Thursday, September 16, 2021, from 1 to 4 pm. So be on the lookout for another excellent opportunity for us to help you in your career pursuits!

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