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Don't Let the Winter Blues Get You Down!

By Rhonda Bayless, E.D., Center of Wellness for Urban Women/King Commons C.C.

During “normal” times, the holidays tend to be hard for some. We miss our loved ones who have passed, we may struggle financially, or the lack of sunlight starts giving us the blues.

But during COVID, the winter and holiday blues seem to be wreaking havoc tenfold!

“According to National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), older adults who are socially isolated are at higher risk for depression. The focus on family, friends and togetherness during this time of year can actually bring melancholy feelings to the forefront for many elders.”

What can we do to get rid of the winter blues?

  • Set up “Zoom Get Togethers” with your friends and family. Here’s a clip to learn how to use Zoom. (How to Use Zoom)

  • Go old school: Use the PHONE. Yes, the phone still works. Call your friends and family. Chat it up. Schedule times for conversations.

  • Do you miss your church family? Many churches have online worship services you can access from your laptop, tablet, or even a SMARTphone. Call your place of worship for times and the online link to join.

  • Social Distance Meet Up: Mask up, meet up and practice social distancing.

If you find that your winter blues feels more like depression, please call Mental Health America at (317) 638-3501 for resources or call your healthcare provider. You’re not alone!

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