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Do Your Own Right Thing!

Ron Rice, Community Builder

Do you see that sticker? That’s not a stock photo, nor is it a cropped image. I got it when I received my Covid-19 vaccine on March 2, 2021. I proudly wear for others to see that I am doing what I can to help slow this pandemic. However, I am not here to try and tell you what you should do. Your choice is YOUR choice.

I felt a bit of skepticism. Looking back at our history with vaccines, the quickness of this vaccine’s development, and saying, “I’ll wait until those first people get theirs, and then I’m gonna watch to see what happens to them.” In my time of reluctance, many of my seniors were telling me that they couldn’t wait until their time was available because, in their own words, “I ain’t playing around with this!”

I then began to think about what I do for a living. I am literally around A LOT of people A LOT of the time. It is in my job description, and it is my personality to be that social butterfly for the community. I thought about the fact that my office, nestled in the halls of Flanner House, is amongst more than 100 kids every day from the Child Development Center. Being at Cleo’s Bodega daily amid multiple customers, conducting meetings, and working companions, I am everywhere in front of everyone. I needed to take the step to ensure that I wouldn’t accidentally spread this deadly virus to anyone.

With so much contact, I can only thank my creator for keeping me Covid free these past 12 months. It is with those thoughts that I took the step to be safe for those people whom I respect, honor, and love. You have your own choice to make. This was mine. So far, so good. No after-effects. No issues what-so-ever except for a bit of soreness at the shot site.

So do your OWN right thing. Make sure that you are keeping yourself safe as well as for those you love. I want you to be respected in your decision, just as you respect me in mine.

Sincerely, Ron

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