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COVID Culture During Holidays

By Ron Rice

2020 has been a year of adversity but, also it has shown us how to overcome and adapt. With the spread of Coronavirus, what was our norm has now become our moment of ingenuity as we figure out new ways to keep moving forward; Flanner House has been leading the way in the Near Northwest. The holiday season allows time for reflection.

As an example, Halloween became the next puzzle to put together. Flanner House answered by the use of its beautiful campus and farm to host a trick or treat tour following Covid-19 protocols for the children. Fred Jones, a Flanner House staff member, put together one of the most beautiful, fruitful, and safest events a child living through a pandemic could ever want. With a mass pumpkin donation from Newfields and candy from the staff and volunteers from the community residents and stakeholders, the kids got to walk through a decorated tour guided by FH staff and filled with treats, nature, and even pony rides! The kids showed up in some of the cutest costumes ranging from Wonder Woman to Train Engineers and, of course, Wakandian Black Panthers.

After the event ended, the Center for Leadership (CLD) hosted its event "Trunk or Treat". Organized so that candy distribution would be from the back of decorated vehicles; the event came staffed with DJs, university and organizational information, cotton candy, and some of the cutest costumes I have seen. We also got to light up the fire pit in the orchard; the kids loved it since it was cold. It was a time to be in the Near Northwest and with our friends and the family. Flanner House, CLD, and all the partners who came to the call on behalf of our kiddos thank you! During this COVID-conscious Holiday Season, be sure to be creative in your family gatherings as we continue in family traditions that make us a stronger, more united people.

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