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Cover Story - Cleo’s Holiday Mobile Bodega

Taking It To The Streets!

By Ron Rice

Just in time for the Holidays… Can these guys do it or what? After successfully launching a grocery store and

Cafe in the community, a little over a year later, Cleo's is proud to present the Cleo's Mobile Bodega (grocery store for those who don't know)!

Brandon Cosby, Executive Director of Flanner House, stepped forward to provide a way for those of the NNW Areas that have no grocery stores in the area to have a neighborhood store of fresh produce and groceries. The Mobile Bodega has no boundaries because food deserts are not exclusive to just low-income areas. Neighborhoods, after an assessment, can request Mobile Grocery services, then the crew will roll on out!

The Bodega brick and mortar and mobile bodega are both managed by Sibeko Jiwanza, a Near Northwest resident who has dedicated his time and resourcefulness to make sure no one goes hungry who does not have to. Sibeko is also the co-chair of our Food Access Committee. Joined at the hip is Earl Townsend, the Cafe's manager.

Another Near Northwest resident who happens to be an exceptional chef and creative. He has made his mark with his outrageously tasty signature grilled cheeses,

The "One and Done" sandwiches!

These three men are working hard to provide this community with taste, opportunity, and accessibility. They are hard-working and asking just one thing from you, "Where would you need us to come?"

So, tell them where do you want the Mobile Bodega to show up in your community? If you know that answer, then please give Sibeko a shout by emailing him at: today!

Brothas, Thank you for making things happen in the community!

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