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Community Builder's Corner... Everyday Heroes!

If you want to help create positive changes in your neighborhood, start by reaching out to children who live there first. That’s what Sharon Bruckner, an NW Landings neighborhood resident, did while working on her property at 1125 Congress Ave.

Sharon, a contractor, and a resident was driving along 26th and Radar St one day and saw about five kids struggling to cut

the grass at a neighbor’s home. The idea came to her to give these kids another opportunity to learn considerable skills through basic tool usage and learn what it means to “re-invest” in their own community. To show them it doesn’t take millions of dollars to make an impact in your neighborhood by using skills and determination to improve what is already available. Thereby investing in the pride and value of what you already have.

So, she recruited these 5 teenagers from 14yrs old to 18yrs old to learn how to do what she does, which is remodeling homes. She introduced safe ways to use saws and drills by measuring twice and cutting once, painting and finishing. At the Congress Avenue location, the kids worked on cutting and leveling spindles for a handrail on the front porch.

Sharon also teaches them how to use the money they earn wisely. Creating savings accounts and investing back into the neighborhood. A momentum to keep their dreams and desires alive.

Sharon’s work with these teenagers and improving the neighborhood is a shining example of what it means to “get involved.” By taking what she loves to do and investing it in the youth, she has cultivated the spirit of togetherness for a cause that will leave an impression for years to come.

Sharon is an Everyday Sheroes!

Submitted By: Ron Rice, Community Builder

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