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Community Builder's Corner

Because You Live Here…

We want to help in any way we can with housing issues that you or someone you know may have in our community.

If you own your home, have insurance, and make less than $ 2,000 a month, we can help you get repairs done for free. Contact me, Ron Rice, at, or just come up to Flanner House and fill out an application. Our partners with Rebuilding Together Indy are looking to do another housing repair weekend in April 2024.

If you are a senior, make less than $1700, and need repairs that are potential code violations on your home's exterior, please contact me again. Our partners at Neighborlinks are looking to help you any time of the year.

If you have energy efficiency issues and need help or guidance to lower your energy costs, contact me or call our folks with Citizens Energy Group (Warm Heart Warm Home) at 317-924-3311.

If you need more info on housing-related info such as development, evictions, health codes, improvement, etc., please come out to our Housing Meetings at Flanner House every 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 pm and talk with me or our Housing co-chair, Sharon Clark. She can be reached at

If you know someone looking to buy a home in this area, come and talk with Flanner House and see what type of programs they have available that may fit your tastes.

Whatever the need is, we are here to help. Housing can be either a pain or a blessing, but we want to ensure that you have the resources to improve your quality of life for your housing needs in whatever way we can.

Ron Rice

Community Builder

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