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Community Builder’s Corner

If you have been reading the articles in this issue, you have probably noticed a lot of health-related information or references in each story.

I did that on purpose.

Let me give you this to think about…

When you are feeling down, do you want to do anything? When you are sick, are you motivated to get things done? If you are out of shape and always tired, when you think about it, didn’t you just want to be alone? When you really need help, isn’t it hard to try to help someone else?

When personal trainers train clients, most often they find that it isn’t necessarily the physical that needs work but instead, it is the mind.

Being without healthy habits or a healthy lifestyle or even a healthy outlook at life results in physical illness. How can we look to make our community vibrant if we don’t feel vibrant ourselves?

What Flanner House is doing is making the necessary space safe and accessible for the people of our community to heal their minds as well as their bodies with healthier nutrition that comes from our own backyard. DipIN is providing free options and assistance from local sources to utilize the spaces and talent to get you moving, playing and creating lifestyles.

We can’t succeed as a community if we aren’t well within. Let us help you reach your goals. There is an answer for you, so let’s find it together!

Ron Rice

Community Builder, NNW

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