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Community Builder's Corner

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Community Builder's Corner

By Ron Rice,

I’ve told this story quite a few times, but hear me out anyway. A few years ago, I was headed out of the house with my daughter, and a van filled with teenagers from Carmel pulled up on my street unannounced. With brooms and bags in hand, they got out and began a clean-up of the area. Within view of my house were three different churches. I looked at the teenagers, then I looked at the churches, and I felt disappointed. . .but not at the kids, because they did nothing wrong. I was disappointed that once again, there were more outside people doing the work of the community than the residents themselves. While it is wonderful that people want to help, how powerful would it be if neighbors could be there for one another, helping, building community, and following through on their commitments to each other? What message does it send to our kids when most of the people doing the selfless work don’t look like us? Imagine the impact if those same kids saw their own fathers giving as much a damn about their neighborhood as our grandparents did back in the day. Think of the pride it could generate in our community. Think of the camaraderie and benefit to each other. Volunteer work is about so much more than “doing the work” when we look at these added benefits. If each of us contributes in a small way, we make BIG things happen. How can you get involved? Action speaks louder than words.

Ronald Rice, NNW Community Builder/DipIn Community Health Worker

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