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NNW Community Builder's Corner: Stepping Up to Serve!

With Ron beginning his new journey, the community quickly felt the void. He's spent many years working with, advocating for, and celebrating with us as we strive to improve our community and neighborhoods. 

I am honored to be the individual selected to continue our united cause of working to improve the quality of life for the residents of the Near Northwest as your new Community Builder. 

As a long-term resident of the Near Northwest, I have worked in multiple capacities for our community over the years: Energy Assistance, Northwest Landing Neighborhood Association, and supervisor of the Ujamaa Community Bookstore. 

I look forward to using my experience in organization, financial literacy & services, networking, entrepreneurship, and communication to continue to empower our community to help each other and build even stronger neighborhoods as we said we want. I will work with everyone possible to advocate for the goals outlined in our Quality of Life Plan and our community's developing needs and desires.

As your current Community Builder, I seek to ensure you (our residents and stakeholders) continue to feel heard, seen, supported, and loved. 

Unity In Motion,

Hadiah Amit, NNWCB

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