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  • Evelyn Blunt

Community Builder's Corner

Hello All,

Earlier this month, I sent out an email to the many volunteers and organizations to acknowledge their sacrifice and to thank them.

To say that I’ve been impressed about all that’s happened in the Near Northwest Community during this pandemic, is an understatement! This is a recap of that email. As I begin, it goes without saying that we pray that you and your families are safe and well. This entire pandemic has been taxing on us all but, we have been very successful as a community in doing our individual parts to help each other out.

As a result, there are the functioning locations and organizations in the NNW that are currently making food available to the community. I have personally witnessed so many groups and organizations here in the NNW area and surrounding communities galvanize to support one another during this stressful time. Here, I will again mention a few, although I know there are countless others.

Flanner House/Cleo's - Delivering hot meals and non-perishables to over 225 families who are a part of the Child Development Center, Senior Program and the Center for Working Families. Thank you for your sacrifice!

Near Northwest Faith Partners (NNFP) - providing hot meals and grab and go meals to the most vulnerable in the entire NNW area Pastor Bowman's leadership and care for our community is beyond compare!! He and so many other of our clergy have been working tirelessly starting the work of rebuilding the relationships within our community. Thank you!

Groundworks Indy - Providing perishable and non-perishable meals to their employees and their families as well as the general community. As always, Groundworks continues to serve our community in more ways than one. Thank you!

Our NNW Schools - It has been a sight to see as all these caring individuals do what they can for their students! There are so many teachers, administrators and parents involved that it would take a lot of space to name them all. I just want to say to them EXCELLENT JOB!!! Thank you!

Riverside High School

Holy Angels

Cold Spring Elementary

School #87

Vision Academy

Global Prep Academy

Ignite Academy


Aspire House - Sharon Clark leads her team to once again do what she can for the community and those fighting this battle for us. Those masks are a crucial item for our health workers and those working to help our residents. Thank you for sacrificing your time and efforts to take care of us! Your commitment to this community is impeccable.

Nine13sports - Tom Hanley and Nathan Smurdon enthusiastically volunteered their manpower, sprinter vans and trailers taking the charge to pick up, store and/or deliver large and small food loads from Gleaners and other facilities for Flanner House, IPS and multiple other community partners. I am so moved by their work ethic and sacrifice! Thank you!

IndyGo - Delivering the meals and groceries to the IPS families and Flanner House Families as well as the general community. This was a result of our city councilor making things happen for the NNW. We were allowed 4 small city buses to use daily. I cannot thank both Vop and Indygo for this very kind, very needed service. It has made things VERY light for us!

Indy Parks - As a community, we support our park managers with everything we have so lets remember that even though they are still working for us all, they are affected by the same issues we all face today. Thank you all for your service to our community!

Riverside Park

Watkins Park

Municipal Gardens

These are but a few of our major operations. However, there are those of you that I want to specifically acknowledge before I move on...

Brandon Cosby

Amanda Milner

Nigel Long

Derek Tow

Dr. Ivan Hicks


Vop Osili

Starla Hart

Abbey Chambers


Phyllis Tate

Rhonda Bayless

Sibeko Jywanza

There are so many more that have done a lot for this campaign and I want to personally thank them all for their desire, efforts and intentions. If I’ve failed to mention you by name or organization, please charge it to my head and not my heart. You know who you are and what you’ve done and are doing. Thank you!

I want to remind you all that we are still in the thick of this and we all need to do our part. This is a marathon and not a sprint. The dangers are real and we are not invulnerable. Please keep each other safe by sharing information to those you see.

Let someone know you care.I care about all of you and will keep doing what I can with the help of every single one of you.

Thank you all so much!

Ron Rice

NNW Community Builder

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