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  • Evelyn Blunt

Coming Soon! UJAMAA Bookstore!

This Juneteenth 2021, Flanner House has something special in store for the community. Ujamaa, which means cooperative economics, will be the new community bookstore's name and the Flanner House family's latest addition.

When the Indianapolis Public Library moved its location from Flanner House further north on Michigan Rd., Brandon Cosby, Executive Director of Flanner House, had a vision.

Utilizing the same business/community model, he had to install Cleo's Bodega and Café, demonstrating once again the principle of "abundance" within the community.

The mission became clear, get the books back on the shelves and get our local minority entrepreneurs in there with them! Hence, Ujamaa was re-born, and this time, this place of learning comes with a few surprises. In the new book store, stocked with many kinds of literature, the patrons of Ujaama can purchase, deposit, and read books. A small café, computer stations, and a staging area for poetry and book readings; a goods and service section supporting local minority business owners, as seen at events like "Open Bite Night" and the Black Business Bazaar is all planned.

A local favorite, Ro Townsend, will be the store's first manager! So look for the upcoming ribbon-cutting ceremony on Juneteenth this year. And experience, with pride, the community in a new way.

We look forward to reading with you!

Ujaama... "Cooperative Economics!"

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