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Coming Soon!

Flanner House is on the move again folks! After building a whole farm next to the building, four years ago, Cleo’s Bodega was erected. Then two years later, the old public library that was taken away from the community, was re-invented to become the now Ujamaa bookstore…also by Flanner house.

But, it seems Brandon Cosby, the executive director of Flanner House wasn’t satisfied yet. So he partnered with Flanner Buchanan and on their property near 21st and Montcalm. A soon to be 20,000sq. ft greenhouse designed to complement the food efforts of the Flanner Farm.

The operation also equipped with a hydroponics area inside will be growing food 365 days of the year!

But wait…there’s more.

A brand new professional Mental Health Clinic will be opening to service the community. Addressing the need to have safe, intentional and accessible mental health care in our community, on the corner of 23rd and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr St.

Flanner House wants to make it clear that you should not have to go outside your community to seek healing. That you shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable speaking to someone that may not understand the shoes that you have walked in. That help is on the way and it's within your own reach.

Look for the ribbon cutting of BOTH facilities this Juneteenth (Monday the 19th from 9-2pm) and join us as we celebrate a new member(s) of the community family that is Flanner House.

Ron Rice

Community Builder, NNW

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