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Aspirehouse Indy, By Ron Rice

On Oct. 10, Sharon Clark from Aspirehouse Indy, in search of new ways to get the students at Butler University involved in more community engagement, gathered individuals from the athletic depts(volleyball, swimming, baseball and cross country) to go out in the neighborhoods and distribute flowers and pumpkins to the seniors. The flowers were mums potted by Groundwork Indy and painted by IU Health.

These cheerful athletes walked out and spoke to every resident they encountered and tried to put a smile on each face. We even had a large group go out to the Emma O. Johnson homes and fully engage in laughs, compassion and empathy with the seniors community there. With guidance from Sharon, these students that wouldn't otherwise normally travel too far outside their campus, were able to learn a thing or two about humanity, empathy, compassion, community and togetherness.

We thank you Sharon and all the students, partners and faculty that participated.

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