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  • Evelyn Blunt

Are You Ready For Dinner?

We were, and we decided to do something about it at our first monthly Sunday Dinner at Frank Young Park. The rain tried to stop us, but we held on ’til the sun took over. Then 26 guests came together to re-start a community tradition that used to be commonplace in the African American diaspora. Sunday Dinners!

How long has it been for you? Are you still getting your family together once a week to talk, argue and love on each other? If so, what about your neighbors? Well, that’s what we are aiming to do, and I believe we started it off on the right foot, not to mention the Chefs who cooked, put their proverbial “foot” in it because the food was soo good!

So, when are YOU coming to join us? Reservations are now being accepted for the upcoming Sunday Dinner, so please call Sharon Clark from Aspirehouse Indy at 317-414-7778 if you want a seat at the table. Seafood is on the menu, and maybe this time, we might do a little “steppin’” too!

See you there!

Ronald Rice, NNW Community Builder/DipIn Community Health Worker

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