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Are You Good With Kids & Tools?

Submitted by Nine13sports

Near Northwest based youth education non-profit Nine13sports was recently awarded a grant through the 16 Tech Community Investment fund for their Kids Building Bikes program to take place in a newly constructed classroom in their facility at 29th and the Canal.

This programwas designed as an opportunity to allow students to work with their hands learning mechanical aptitude skills within a program that also teaches other desired employability skills such as problem solving, oral communication, perseverance, attention to detail with the goal of impressing up on our students a career path mindset.

STEM lessons are introduced throughout the 16-hour curriculum that will be conducted for youth in the Near Northwest neighborhoods. Are you good with kids and enjoy working with tools? Nine13sports is seeking an assistant instructor for our Kids Building Bikes Program!

Guaranteed 30-40 hours/week

Starting pay$17/hour

For more info to start working for a great local business, click here for more info:

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