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Welcome to the Near Northwest, Dr. Bailey!

Dr. Terry Whitt Bailey enjoys a cup of coffee at Cleo’s with Program Coordinators, Joshua Webb and Angelica Watts.

“In time, on time, every time, except when a bit ahead of time, and that’s better time!”

Dr. Terry Whitt Bailey learned that phrase in high school when she participated in a program at the Center for Leadership Development in 1981. Now, she is back as the organization’s Manager of Programs.

“I was blessed to have been one of the early Self-Discovery/Career Exploration participants at CLD,” Bailey said. “This organization and program influenced my character development, my college success and my career opportunities.”

After high school, Bailey got a scholarship to attend Rutgers University, a fellowship to attend UCLA for graduate school and a grant to attend Harvard University for a certificate in Management Development. She has leadership experience in higher education, nonprofit management, community development and arts administration, at one time serving as President & CEO of the Historic Madame Walker Theatre.

“Center for Leadership Development is strategically positioned to provide educational opportunities - like the one I received - to young people from 4th grade through college.”

There are now more than 15 programs and workshops at CLD including: Precious Miss, Project MR (Male Responsibility), Imani Book Club, College Prep and Jr. Self-Discovery. More than 70 percent of CLD graduates enroll in some institution of post-secondary learning and many of those students receive scholarships because of their participation.

CLD’s vision is to empower youth and strengthen community. Bailey is a product of this vision and is proud to be back at CLD facilitating positive and preeminent programming for youth. Welcome to the Near Northwest, Dr. Bailey!

Check out for more information about onsite, outreach and virtual programs.

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