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Riverside Adventure Park!

Over the past year, Indy Parks has been developing the concept for an adventure park at the former Riverside Golf Course. The site’s varied natural conditions provide opportunities for a wide variety of activities across its 200 acres As the Riverside Adventure Park concept developed, five zones emerged informed by the natural conditions and organized by the proposed improvements in each zone. This article is the second in a five-part series introducing each zone developed with community stakeholders and an engaged steering committee.

The Racing Zone is all about racing and outdoor fitness. An entry plaza at the corner of 30th Street & Cold Spring Rd. serves as a gateway with opportunities for signage and a bike share station, and leads visitors to the internal trail system and a fitness trail with exercise stations. The Soap Box Derby pagoda is envisioned to be a multi-level building with viewing platforms, restrooms, and museum space, with storage for derby cars behind the pagoda.

There are plazas at the top and bottom of the Soap Box Derby track to provide room for spectators and families during races. An RC track at the finish line plaza also plays off the racing theme. Back at the top of the hill, a parking lot adds space for Soap Box Derby racers and visitors to the four-acre dog park. Trails along the top of the plateau connect to an exciting treetop canopy walk with platforms overlooking the large open portion of the park below.

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