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NW Civic is Back!!!

After a long time in hibernation, the NW Civic Neighborhood Association now led by resident co-presidents Jay Watts and Maunah Wadud, is back and already in action! If you live within the boundaries of Burdsal Pkwy, Martin Luther King Jr St, 30th St. and the actual canal, then you are a NW Civic resident and your neighbors are waiting to work with you.

In February of this year, just before the Covid-19 lock down, the first meeting was held at Cleo's Bodega, which is also a NW Civic location. Residents and partners such as Flanner House, Aspire House Indy, The Center of Wellness for Urban Women, King Commons and more showed up to reignite this important and historic association. Once the pandemic struck, things got put on hold however, other NW Civic partners sprang into action feeding IPS kids, Seniors and Flanner House families. Between 3 locations, Flanner House, Cleo's and The Bradley Center, this neighborhood came together to address the needs of its neighbors and folks beyond its borders.

Around May, even though we were just coming out of the worst of the Covid-19 crisis, the call to organize and meet came again but, this time to address crime in our streets. With the help of the newly elected presidents, stakeholders, partners beyond our borders and the support of the Near Northwest, we came up with a plan to energize and mobilize our residents with a Radar St. Clean up. This effort was to make the association physically known to all of the residents in the neighborhood but also to stand together as one voice and a unified front.

Over 80 volunteers showed up and also some new neighbors like, Indy Shakes and some new introductions like, the Indianapolis Ballet, standing with IMPD, City Council President Vop Osili, the Near Northwest Faith Partners and soooo many others to support the residents of this beloved area. Food, music and networking became the gifts shared with everyone. The combined efforts of all these volunteers equalled into a huge show of love, strength and success for the neighborhood.

Going forward, ideas such as renewed commitments to our housing strategies against gentrification, criminal activities, relationship building and economic opportunities that would benefit the neighborhood as a whole are in the works for future association meetings, so come join us!

Give me a call at 317-925-4231 ext 245 or email Maunah Wadud at for how you can be a part of something big!

Congratulations NW Civic! You have the full support of the NNW and I'm sure, all the partners that we work with.

Ron Rice

Community Builder

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