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NNW Neighborhood Association Spotlight: Golden Hill

By Nancy Mahany

Welcome to Golden Hill! Our first article submission concentrates on its description, history, and structure. Consisting of 54 homes along narrow, winding roads with no sidewalks, Golden Hill is unique. It's between the Central Canal, Woodstock Club, Bertha Ross Park, and 36th Street. A diversity of multi-generational, engaging, and interested people lives here among an abundance of boundless nature. Golden Hill has a rich history. It was honored with placement on the National Register of Historic Places in 1992 and celebrated its 100th birthday in 2015. 

The neighborhood association is voluntary and is presided over by a president, vice president, Secretary, treasurer, and directors of the following committees: Beautification, Governance, Operations, Security, and Social. Residents pay annual dues and a security fee and are encouraged to donate to particular projects. Four annual social events and an enjoyable monthly book club for women are organized. Recent fundraisers include a silent auction, a cookbook, and a spring-blooming bulbs sale. We were thrilled to donate 200 bulbs to the N.N.W. Community for fall planting.

Residents are incredibly proud that many notable leaders have lived in Golden Hill, including C.E.O.s, a governor, two mayors, a Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, two U.S. Congressmen, and the man who brought insulin research to Eli Lilly.

Golden Hill's greatest strength lies in its families, children, values, and diverse population. We are eager to become more involved with other neighborhoods in the N.N.W. community.

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