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  • Evelyn Blunt

Indy Premier Basketball

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Indy Premiere 2027 Basketball is King Common’s Amateur Athletic Union team. They are 2019’s Bull’s Eye Champions currently number one in the nation which helped them secure a sponsorship with Nike. Watkins Park serves as their home base and practice space to prepare these young men for travelling the country and playing some of the nation’s best AAU Teams.

Our team is made up of young men from all over the city with two members all the way from West Virginia and one from Kentucky travelling here for practice. The drive to hard work and sheer determination has worked in their favor. Dressed to the nines in Nike gear from head to toe, Indy Premiere shines as the midwestern gem, standing out among their peers.

Led by Director Mr. Tracey M. Bingham and Coaches Wings Colbert and Derrick Goss, in 2020, their travel schedule will bring them across the United States, to cities like Greensboro, North Carolina, Dallas Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Washington, DC and Orlando, Florida to name some of the cities.

Driven by its mission, “Indy Premiere” is an athletic organization committed to providing the physical and mental conditioning that is necessary to reach the highest potential for each of its members both on and off the court. Instilling the core values of team pride, sportsmanship, discipline, integrity and the respect of self and others, we are dedicated to creating a positive and enjoyable culture. This culture extends to coaches, parents, fans, officials and athletes working together to achieve our mission. Under this great leadership and mission, Indy Premier 2027 team is set up for a victorious 2020.

Jonathan Young

Assistant Park Manager

Watkins Park Family Center

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